Popular Bike Racing Events

Bike racing is a popular event enjoyed by many. There are many types of events in bike racing. All these events require different motorbikes. Some motorbikes are made for off roads, some for stunts and some for roads; therefore each event requires motorbikes customised for that specific event. Similarly the motorbike riders specialise in particular events rather than racing in all events. Here’s a list of popular bike racing events.

Motorcycle Grand Prix

The Motorcycle Grand Prix is the premier category of motorbike road racing. This event is divided into three different motocross gloves in Australia, namely Moto3 being the beginner class with maximum 250 cc engine and age limit of 28, Moto2 being the middle class with four stroke engine and MotoGP being the highest class with up to 1000 cc engines and world class bike racers. All motorcycles are prototype machines and aren’t available commercially.
The MotoGP is the most popular motorbike road racing event in the world. It is a highly competitive even with only a few qualifying for the event. Similar to car racing MotoGP circuits a specifically built for bike racing. This event is watched and enjoyed by millions. Similar to F1 the contestants compete in various different circuits and overall points matter. It is also an annual event.


Motocross is the off road version of MotoGP. These surfaces are made out of mud, sand, grass and dirt. Further they are elevated with many turns. Compared to MotoGP where there are a fix number of riders Motocross events have many. These events require the rider to perform stunts but not being a primarily stunts based event. The rider requires motocross gear that is very useful as it is likely a rider may fall and harm himself due to the nature of the event.The bikes also differ greatly to MotoGP as these bikes are trailer bikes with larger shock absorbers and vastly different design. These bikes are primarily made for off road racing and can take a lot of punishment. Other than that Motocross events are highly popular and highly advertised such as on the motocross jerseys similar to MotoGP.

Enduro and Track Racing

These two events are similar or the mixture of the 2 above events. Enduro include endurance racing which are usually 10+ mile laps and long distance off road racing and Track racing is where contestants race in an oval track and the floor is made with various materials. These events are popular but not as popular as the above two. Different events have different rules and regulations and may differ from event to event.

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