New House Essentials: Splurge Or Save For Your Dream Home

Moving into a new house is exciting! All the newness, all the newly gained independence a new house provides and everything which comes along when you move in a new place is awesome! But when you have to bring in the furniture things are suddenly less awesome: planning, tight deadlines and most of all, tight budget!

This means you have to be really cautious on your expenses. However, knowing on what items to splurge and on which to save is painful. Unless you have this guide to help you! Learn on what items to drain the bank account and what items to customise by buying cowhide cushions online and adding some colour accents with a statement rug. On the other hand when you are going to buy cowhide rugs make sure to check the quality.

The settee concern

One of the most important items in a room is the sofa. Instinctively, this makes you think that you have to spend a lot on it and sometimes you should. If you really want a vintage sofa made of natural leather, be prepared to spend $12,000 on it. In the happy case of sales! To save on the sofa, pick regular minimal furniture and enhance it by buying cowhide cushions online. A throw blanket can also save the day. Read more review here to find out more ideas regarding cowhide cushions. 

Table lamps can put everything in a new light

Proper illumination can go a long way, so the choice of spurge or save on this one can be a tough one. A lamp has a longer life than a sofa and it fits your home regardless how many kids will appear in the future or how posh will be your new neighbourhood. With this in mind look for quality when you buy a lamp. Versatility is the next must have, so make sure your lamp can fit and revive any space.

Coffee table, the next in line

After a hot one and a cold one, you need to place the empty glass on a table. And here is another furniture item you can splurge on. An elegant yet minimal coffee table can reach $500. If you want it to be a piece of art, double the amount. However, the saver version of the coffee table is around $300 and does the job of holding your cups to the letter.

Curtains to hide or reveal all

When it comes to curtains, you need to evaluate their expected lifespan. In a full house, where there are kids and cats, the curtains will survive couple of years, so you might want to save on them. If you have a calm home, you can rob the bank and buy exquisite fabrics to turn your house into a home.

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